Recent Before & After Photos

Restored Soot damaged Paper

Fire is devastating to the structure it burns, and is a traumatic experience for those involved. Once the fire is put out, sometimes the home is a total loss an... READ MORE

What's in Your Ducts?

Have you ever thought about what may be lurking in your ducts? Did you know that this is getting circulated throughout your home, and effecting the quality of a... READ MORE

Restoring Precious Belongings

The beautiful collectible doll was just one of several damaged in a local fire. Our customer thought she had lost her collection she had been working on for man... READ MORE

Soot Damaged TV Stand

This TV stand is another great example of just how thorough we are in our cleaning methods. Detailed cleaning methods are used, with specialized solutions based... READ MORE

Water Damaged Dining Room; Dried and Rebuilt

When a water pipe leak occurs it can effect a whole house if not noticed and taken care of right away. This home was in the process of being sold and therefore ... READ MORE

Water Damaged Ceiling

This home flooded as a result of a broken pipe. The owner was referred to us for a quick response and trained expertise. We were able to respond within an hour ... READ MORE

Soot damaged corner cabinet

The fire in this local Mid MO home damaged many sentimental items.  SERVPRO of Jefferson City carefully assessed the damaged belongings and&... READ MORE